Online Marketing Campaign| How A Fast Moving Consumer Good Increases Its Awareness?

Online Marketing Campaign| How A Fast Moving Consumer Good Increases Its Awareness?

Mr.Snack And Bita Snack

Mr.Snack and Bita Snack, two of Myanmar’s most well-known snack brands, produce flavorful snacks that have been quality-verified. Formally, their goal was to expand their business, mainly into rural areas. Now they’re on their way to a new urban target market with better-quality packaging and the newest mouthwatering flavors.



The Brief 

Mr. Snack and Bita Snack are two reasonably priced fast moving consumer goods options that provide healthy food choices and have received FDA approval. Initially developed for individuals in rural area, they are now aiming to target the urban area through the introduction of larger packaging size. Facebook has been identified as the optimal platform for raising awareness of their products, given its status as the leading social media channel in Myanmar.



Mr.Snack Programmatic MarketingOur Solutions 

Our marketing team located in Yangon which center around identifying potential opportunities for increasing awareness and leveraging earned media as a key marketing strategy. To do so, we utilize a range of different tactics, including Facebook marketing, Programmatic marketing, targeted media buying and Inbound marketing. Specifically, our programmatic marketing efforts involve running highly targeted ads on various mobile apps and websites, and investing in ads on media channel.


The Result

The digital marketing team invested extensive effort in capturing the attention of our target audience through the creative content. Our digital campaign ran for a period of six months, during which time we employed a broad range of strategies and tactics. Several months after the conclusion of the campaign, our efforts have yielded tangible results, including a significant increase in brand awareness. Across all media channels, we achieved nearly 5 million video views, and our total impression count after six months stood at 6.6 million. Most notably, the ads that we placed on the earned media channel alone garnered over 2.1 million impressions, which exceeded our initial expectations by a factor of three. And also  we have achieved total engagement of over 28K after completion of running six months’ campaign.

Mr.Snack Programmatic Marketing

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