Obo Foods: Traditional to Digital 

Obo Foods: Traditional to Digital 

OBO Foods

Obo Foods is a local food brand that currently produces traditional instant foods,” Mohinga” with can. Their mission is to promote traditional foods with high quality. Obo Food Products are now available at Supermarkets, Retailers, and Stores. 


The Brief 

Obo Foods’ main product, Mohinga is considered as the national dish of Myanmar. Obo uses fresh ingredients that do not contain harmful chemicals such as fish, beans and so on. They would like to highlight these facts to deliver to their customers for improving the brand image. So, Facebook is a channel where Obo’s Foods wished to build the brand image. 


Our Solutions 

Primitively, NEXT developed an optimized strategy that would fulfill to build Brand Image and gain engagement from the targeted audience. And we also looked for the voice and tone of the brand to communicate with them. Through the effective Facebook marketing strategies of ‘NEXT’, the plans to promote the product were set.


Our Approach 

After a couple of brainstorming sessions, NEXT started to provide heart-winning content with creative visuals by Our Team. We also submitted a food blogger campaign that would gain a lot of engagement and brand trust from customers. 


The Result 

Even from the very first month, we could seize the audience’s attention and gain engagement as a unique brand. A few months later, Obo’s Foods became very successful among Mohinga Lovers. Due to Facebook Marketing Strategy and Creative process, Obo Foods achieved 309,813 engagement and 5.7M reach in total. Also, the average rate of sales has increased higher than expected.

And We agreed to launch a food blogger campaign as Obo started to be recognized as a community connected brand in six months. The food blogger campaign was also a successful one. The Campaign posts reached over 1 million people and achieved 8.7 K reactions in total.  

As “Obo Foods” is a unique and traditional food brand, it’s an honor for NEXT to provide them with successful creative works and digital marketing strategies.

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