Cost Effective Social Media Marketing

Cost Effective Social Media Marketing

SUKO Umbrella Myanmar

Suko is one of the most popular local umbrella brands, giving people protection for all seasons of the year. 


Need & Ask

Suko was focusing only on printed advertising and traditional marketing. Suko couldn’t find any suitable channel to deliver the commercial video. As the game was changed, Suko decided to go digitally. 


Our Solutions 

After analyzing what Suko needs, and doing necessary researches,  we have given the exact solution, lovable brand presence on the most engaging social media with strategic social media marketing. 


The Results

  • Consistent Brand Visibility
  • Market Winning
  • Market Expansion
  • SUKO becomes more community connected 


By Metrics

  • More than 30% fan growth rate each month with low budget
  • Lower “cost per result
  • Could provide positive actions for customer feedback
  • Average video view ranging between 30k to 50k with just optimal budget 

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