A local SME increases in sale by 23% from Facebook Marketing and How?

A local SME increases in sale by 23% from Facebook Marketing and How?

Ta Thway Hla

‘Ta Thway Hla’ is a local business that produces Myanmar traditional medicines for new mothers. 


The Brief

Before collaborating with ‘next’, ‘Ta Thway Hla’ is an SME business that produces and sells traditional medicines for new mothers. In order to promote sales, the company teamed up with ‘next’ marketing agency. 


Our Solutions

First, ‘next’ researched the related contents to grab the attention of the new mothers and also looked for the voice and tone of the brand to communicate with them.

Through the effective Facebook marketing strategies of ‘next’, the plans to promote the product were set. 


Our Approach

Visual designs and Brand colors that would represent ‘Ta Thway Hla’ were used. To arouse the attention of the new mothers, Facebook contents were written in an appropriate and interesting nature. As a result, the customers can observe the useful contents well before buying the products. Moreover, applicable graphics and illustrations were tested in various ways to ensure the best results. 


The Result

A few months later, the brand achieved great success and sale representatives in many towns appeared.

Due to powerful Facebook Marketing, the average rate of sales increased by up to 23% within 9 months in collaboration with ‘next’. Reach, impression, and engagement were much attained only by using a small amount of boosting budget. 

It’s a privilege for ‘next’ to provide Facebook marketing services to ‘Ta Thway Hla-a local SME business’. 

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