Uplift your brand with Social Media Videos!

Uplift your brand with Social Media Videos!

Uplift your brand with Social Media Videos!

Feb 25 2020

In 2020, everybody loves to watch videos on social media. Social Media Videos are any video content that you create and share through social networks. You can share your videos as Regular Posts, Ads, Stories, Profile Video, Cover Videos and even in Comments. Before you start running your social media video marketing, you must be aware of what type of videos you will use to hit your marketing goal. There are (7) types of social media videos that pop up in your newsfeed. 

1. About us videos 

Share what your business does, and more importantly, why it does it. 

2. Product demo videos 

Telling your audience why your product is great, create a video demonstrating what it does and why it’ll make your customer’s life better. 

 3. Promo Videos 

Let customers know when you’re hosting a sale or promotion in an eye-catching way that’ll stand out in newsfeed.

4. Customer testimonials 

Create a video that brings positive word of mouth straight to your viewers with videos featuring quotes from satisfied customers, or even a video highlighting a moving story from just one customer.

5. Event Video 

Help your social audience feel like they’re part of an event by sharing recaps or even creating live Stories while the event is going on.

6. How-to Video 

How-to videos offer audiences education that they might be interested even if they’ve engaged with your brand before.

7. Creative Video 

Creative video is the most engaging video types in social media.

According to the proven data, 45% of people watching more than an hour of Facebook or Youtube videos a week. And 40% of users are taking some kind of action after viewing a video ad.

Among them, 36% put all of their trust on social media video. Factually, Social Media Videos got more engagement than normal ads that text and images combined(1200% more share!”). These are the main reasons why everyone in the industry is making social media videos to promote their brands. But the real question is how will you make social media videos to achieve the result as you planned? To be result-oriented and data-driven, you must come up with the strongest strategy which must be authentic and unique than any other video on social media.

When it comes down to make social media videos, NEXT Marketing Solutions has successfully produced creative, funny and heart-touching videos for many well-known brands in Myanmar. As for ‘technoland’ which is one of the biggest well-known Computer Trading Companies in Myanmar, NEXT created a heart touching social media video for Mother’s Day Special with the lowest boosting budget. After Launching it on Facebook, We managed to earn a total of 20,1000 engagement, 1.6 million reaches and a lot of emotional comments about Mother’s Day.

For local famous whiskey brand, Freedom smooth plus whiskey, NEXT came up with a funny video for the targeted audience. It also won 229,000 views, 3,300 reactions and 1,400 shares on Facebook. The budget for media buying was costed very low, but we earned a higher result. 

If you wish to make your company brand brighter, just let us know! NEXT guarantee to uplift your brand with ” screen breakthrough” social media videos which will also definitely hit your marketing goals too. 

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