Three Digital Marketing Weapons for COVID-19 Recession

Three Digital Marketing Weapons for COVID-19 Recession

Three Digital Marketing Weapons for COVID-19 Recession

Apr 05 2020

By the time there are 21 positive cases of COVID-19 in the country, most of the people come to start doing social-distancing and staying at home. Businesses come to mandate remote working and very few people can be seen on the streets too. Businesses are now using many strategies to reduce the negative impacts of the COVID-19 crisis. Since it is a long battle, there would be only a handful of people whose arrows all gone before the battle begins. The longer the battle is, the more weapons we need to fight it against. Basically, these three digital marketing weapons are required by Brand Managers and Marketing Managers.

(1) What are the changes in consumer insight data trying to tell you?

70% of the population in Yangon refuse to go out but stay home as much as possible. 55% of those who prefer to go shopping are now shopping online. Thus, while there is less opportunity to launch events, promotions, and roadshows, we would better organize online marketing and do sales through E-Commerce Websites. While restaurants can operate only as take-aways, the owners must prepare to run the business by using Food Delivery Apps. Since it is still uncertain to open the restaurants again, the owners had better start selling online rather than completely stopping the business. 40% of consumers are now more likely to read and watch entertainment online. So, it would be effective to run Banner Ads and Programmatic Ads on Media Websites. More than 60% of consumers demand information about the health security of the Brands, food safety and public health. And it is the right time to create content that is entertaining and at the same time emphasizes public health.

(2) Societal Marketing Campaign

Societal Marketing Concept means doing campaigns that focus not only on consumers’ wants and the company’s requirements but also on the benefits of society. For example, brands should be running campaigns that positively impact both consumers and society. Currently, Next Marketing Myanmar is running campaigns for societal marketing purposes such as supporting free graphic aids for organizations that are fighting against COVID-19 and helping training schools to transform online learning systems. Just analyze your Brand thoroughly and start to launch a societal marketing campaign from which you can also gain brand awareness. Do not miss your chance!

(3) Retention, Retention, Retention

It is necessary for B2B Businesses to prioritize Client Retention as many B2C Clients need to attain Consumer Retention. Instead of putting your attention on the rate of sales and try to boost it, it is better to start to structure campaigns that can promote Brand Awareness. Through these campaigns, try to keep your consumers’ awareness.

In conclusion, by planning systematic Online Marketing, every business should try to have the upper hand in this long-term battle. If you want to equip the most effective weapons in this battle or create superb strategies to use during this crisis, you are encouraged to make a ring to the Sale Team of Next Marketing Myanmar.

May you be in good health and withstand this crisis.

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