‘Rise of Community Supportive Spirit’

‘Rise of Community Supportive Spirit’

‘Rise of Community Supportive Spirit’

May 22 2020

” We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future” said by Franklin D.Roosevelt.

As We, The Next’s average age is 21 years old, each of us has a strong community supportive spirit to support building the youth for our future. We focus to support our expertise such as digital marketing and creative advertising for two communities which are Myanmar Youth Community and Young Professionals with free of charges. We showed our support as being ‘Digital Partner’ in events and conferences for these communities.

Engineer and IT Career and Education Conference (2019)

Our very first chance to show our community supportive spirit was the ” Engineer and IT Career and Education Conference (2019)”. It was organized by ENGR Engineering Consultancy Group to create job opportunities for young engineers and sharing knowledge for young engineers and IT professionals from the seniors. 

Before the conference’s launched, there was a big challenge!

The conference would be held at MICT Park where the participants could face difficult transportation access. The attendee must walk at least 15 mins from the nearest bus stop or take a cab. 

However, on the day of the conference, we successfully managed 1000 attendances, 162306 Reach, and 546226 impressions on Facebook

through our key visual design creation, digital and social media marketing plans, and activities. 

The First Young Doctors Conference 2019 

The First Young Doctors Conference 2019 is our second step to show our ‘Community Supportive Spirit’. The conference is organized by the Myanmar Medical Association Young Doctor Society. The goal of this conference is to support the young doctors and medical students with career knowledge and critical thinking abilities, sharing jobs and further educational opportunities and connecting networks among young doctors. 

Most of the fresh graduated young doctors and senior doctors who interested in the conference are being posted in different regions of our country including some far regions. The expected audience was 300 people. 

On the conference date, almost 500 people attended the conference and everyone participated actively and cheerfully. We are very pleased and honor to help them met their goal.

6th Myanmar Food Expo 

6th Myanmar Food Expo was a huge international exhibition that was intended for both producers and consumers. This exhibition aim is to introduce traditional and local food products and to take a close and friendly tie between producers and consumers. International and local food products, food-producing machines, chemical preservatives, and home use products would be displayed at the event. 

It was a great opportunity for us to support such a huge international exhibition. We provided it with the following plans.

  • Overall digital marketing plan and strategy 
  • Digital Media suggestion and Blogging page suggestion
  • Content Plan for MFPEA Facebook page
  • Content Plan for Paid Media( Digital media and Blogging pages)
  • Budget suggestion with KPI for Own Media Buying ( Facebook Boosting)
  • Budget suggestion for Paid Media Buying
  • Overall digital campaign Execution 

There were 7000 attendees to the event which was more than expected. It’s the privilege of supporting the communities for greater sake and creating opportunities for youth and the public. We are The Next! and We are always here to assist you!

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