Meet Our Senior Digital Marketing Executive!

Meet Our Senior Digital Marketing Executive!

Meet Our Senior Digital Marketing Executive!

Apr 06 2020

We arranged an interview with him, which is made of his feelings and words…

Q.1. Could u tell us about your name and position at Next Marketing Myanmar?

A. Hello Everyone…. It’s Soe Myat Pai… and working as a Senior Digital Marketing Executive.

Q.2. What were your feelings on First Interview Day?

A. When I found out, there is no huge age gap between me and the whole team, I could not wait to work together with them…. Yes, I was very excited to cooperate with these young and creative mates.

Q.3 How was it going on your first day of employment?

A. It was quite pleasant and comfortable with help from each member of the team.

Q.4 Please share your background job experiences with us?

A. I have worked for Media, Digital Marketing Agency, and Corporate ( in the house)….

Q.5 How do you like to describe your co-workers? Any funny story or an unforgettable memory?

A.  Each of them is friendly, pretty and very light-minded personalities. As I love to eat foods, I could not forget every evening that we cooked and enjoyed good foods.

Q.6 As a Senior Digital Marketing Executive, what’s your advice for your clients during the COVID-19 crisis?

Brands should use online platforms more than ever for promoting and keeping in touch with the customers…. And…. We’re ready to help you here as always!

Q.7 Everyone’s enjoying their ‘Work From Home’’ now, So Would you like to share some tips for WFH?

Well…, the workflow has changed due to current situations… Between Teams or Department, we’re not engaging directly as normal days … We’re using the phone and online to connect with each other. So, there would be some inconveniences we could encounter such as ( electricity goes off, low internet speed, etc…   ). So, I think we need to be patient, collaborated and stick to the workflow.

Q.8 What’s one thing you’d like to contribute to your coworkers, old and new clients as a final question?

For our clients, please be aware and prepared up to the latest news for your brand. For those interested in our services, please give us a call if you need result-oriented and data-driven digital marketing services. And for my beloved teammates, eat and sleep well to build your immune- system stronger. 

Wishing everything’s going well in the new year.! Be Safe everyone!

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