How To Upgrade Your Tourism Business with An Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

How To Upgrade Your Tourism Business with An Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

How To Upgrade Your Tourism Business with An Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Sep 25 2018

Myanmar tourism industry become more competitive than before and many tourism businesses are trying to expand their market digitally. Everyone in the industry starts their digital journey. Most of the tourism businesses now have a social media presence at least. And others got a website. Where are you now in your own digital journey.

Challenges and Opportunities

Tourism sector in Myanmar is growing very fast. The government is also supporting. The developing process is followed by more intense competitions. As for a developing country, Myanmar, every other sectors are also growing with their own pace. And the digital marketing becomes very popular in Myanmar too. Thus, the market is also expanding to the digital platforms.

People become more connected and their stressful lifestyle is pushing them to take more vacation. The number of visitors to a popular destination increases. There are not only local visitors but also many tourists too. So, tour agents need to understand their buying behavior too.


  • More than 80% of the travellers (both locals and foreigners) make their research on the internet
  • They search what they want, where they want to go and start making their booking online

If they cannot find you easily, or they found you but do not make a booking with you, you need to start thinking why! Most of the businesses lose their potential customer because they cannot turn their website visitors to paying customers.

How to turn them into money paying customers

  1. You must first have a Website
  2. Your website must be User Friendly
  3. Your User Retention must be at its highest

We are not only giving you the website coding, we focus on how your website visitors turn into money paying customers.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

An informative website is just not enough in this digital age. Even a user friendly & lovable website cannot win the competition without SEO. A traveller is searching for their travel needs, obviously using a search engine and he doesn’t find your beautifully constructed website! What’s wrong?

How to be visible to your potential customers

  1. Your website must be Search Engine Ready
  2. You must do SEO
  3. Your website must give them the relevant information about what they are searching

We know how to do a strategic SEO to show your beautiful website right in front of your potential customers. And we can guarantee that your website will get the rank first 1 to 30.

Social Media

  • Everybody has at least a Facebook Account nowadays
  • People find their happiness through sharing their life or memories
  • Social Media like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube has enormous numbers of active users locally as well as worldwide
  • Social media plays key role in consumer travel experience
  • Today word of mouth marketing means sharing thoughts and opinions through the social media

After Facebook, choosing the suitable social media channel is important. Your content plan and your target audience must me as close as possible.

We, NEXT Marketing Solutions, got all the best content plan to meet with your marketing needs and we are also happy to help choosing the right channel to deliver your messages. We focus on the result while innovating with our creativity.

We are going to provide you with ;

  1. Money Paying Customers
  2. Success & Revenue
  3. Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

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