How to Prepare Your Digital Marketing Strategy for COVID-19 Recession.

How to Prepare Your Digital Marketing Strategy for COVID-19  Recession.

How to Prepare Your Digital Marketing Strategy for COVID-19 Recession.

Mar 25 2020

Every country where there are COVID-19 positive cases is practicing social distancing to prevent the further spread of the virus. According to the announcement made by the Ministry of Health and Sports, Myanmar, there have been three positive cases so far. These patients with confirmed infection are under surveillance and treatment. The government has urged the public to avoid the crowd and not to go outside as much as possible. At the same time, every business is attempting to operate regularly, to continue providing their services and products to its customers. Also, they have to prioritize the health & safety of the employees. On the other hand, B2B companies may need to conduct Face to Face Marketing to get sale conversion. The following will be the tips & tricks to strategize appropriate economic response plans and how to prepare a Digital Marketing Strategy to overcome this challenging period.

(1) Despite social distancing, people still need to buy the products.

During this crisis, consumer behavior has happened to be changed. This is the time when people do only necessary purchases to conserve money. So, it is better to advertise your products by only highlighting the points which match the consumers’ needs. It’s also the time to provide delivery services that the consumers can purchase online.

(2) Convert your challenges into opportunities.

A cosmetic company in China had to close 40% of its branches. However, it used more than 100 beauty advisors to sell the products through WeChat, a popular messaging platform. As a result, sales at the moment exceeded the previous year’s sales that were achieved from the shops.

(3) Forget short-term campaigns.

Reveal your customers that the Coronavirus cannot make your brand vanish. Rather than trying to promote the sales for the short-term, you ought to make them realize that your company is trying to provide enough supplies for everyone. So, it’s better to change your Social Media Campaign Objectives and be aware of the Societal Marketing Concept to be applied in the Branding Campaign.

(4) The time spent on social media due to Coronavirus.

Due to Coronavirus, people tend to read more about health education and news online. The traffic on Digital Media Websites has increased. Since people spend more time on social media and digital platforms, you should not fail to keep in touch with the consumers and raise your brand awareness through digital platforms.

(5) Online marketing becoming vital for B2B companies.

It is time for B2B companies to forget the old technique of cold-calling which usually leads to go and meet with potential clients. Instead, you should explicitly display your Portfolios, Case Studies, and Credentials which can support Online Sale Conversions to occur. You can use digital platforms to carry out retention with your clients. Video Conferencing apps and software are also helpful to keep in touch with your clients.

To summarize, Because On-Ground Marketing Campaigns (events and promotions) are less useful for now, we need to keep way forward by using Digital Marketing tools & strategies. In Myanmar, we, next marketing myanmar, is currently taking part for the positive impact during this crisis by helping suspended local schools to perform Online Learning and run Online Campaign as our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program for Non-Profit. We do welcome our existing clients and partners to contact us anytime for further support in the Digital Strategy. We are also ready to help our potential and new clients to easily reach out to our services online. We are going to upload more blogs describing suggestions to plan a Digital Marketing Strategy during this Coronavirus crisis. So, we would like to invite all of you to follow and subscribe to our social media pages and our website either.

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