Four Types of Interactive Media Advertising and Ads Targeting Ways

Four Types of Interactive Media Advertising and Ads Targeting Ways

Four Types of Interactive Media Advertising and Ads Targeting Ways

Apr 28 2020

What does it mean by Interactive Media Advertising Ads?

To create Interactive Media Advertising Ads, we need to build a website first. In order to increase the website traffic, Interactive Media Advertising Ads are displayed at the websites which the target audience may visit. According to Consumer Insight Data, it is found out that people come to visit websites more and more. So what kind of ads shall we display on which websites? The marketing objectives of displaying ads will be explained below. 

First, Interactive Media Advertising is aimed to increase brand impressions (the total number of exposures to the advertisement of your brand) and have brand awareness. Second, it is aimed to have Sale Leads i.e, the customer sees the advertisement and contacts you through website and phone. 

Four Types of Interactive Media Advertising

Banner Ads

Banner Ads are also known as Display Advertising. Because these ads are displayed at the websites which the target audience usually visits. The main purpose of Banner Ads is to introduce your brand and increase brand awareness. The problem is that Banner Ads have less CTR (Click-through-Rate). KPI (Key Performance Indicator) of Banner Ads are usually measured by Impression Count. In fact, it is better to measure by using CTR when we are going to do a Banner Ads Campaign. At the Brand Awareness Stage, it is not a problem if CTR goes down. But it is a problem if CTR is not at a certain level at Interest Stage and Conversion Stage. To solve this problem, to improve CTR, we can create content describing promotions to attain the attention of the customers, or we can organize contests and competitions. Or we should create Banner Ads based on the interest and behavior of the target audience group. 

Rich-media Ads

Rich-media Ads enables the customer to see the products by swiping and to take selfies for contests by just one click. Rich-media Ads can be created to get the audience’s attention better compared to typical Banner Ads. Also, Rich-media Ads are more effective in terms of CTR. It can deliver our brand message to the customers and give us a chance to interact with them.

Online Video Ads

Online Video Ads are the advertisements we can see on YouTube and websites we are visiting. The videos usually last 6–30 secs. Online Videos are the right choice to increase Brand Awareness. To which durations the customers watch online videos may vary according to the creativity of the ads. To reach Interest and Conversion Stages, we need to consider how creative the video should be, which social media channel we should use, and the duration of the video.

In-game Advertising

In-game advertising is effective and creative advertising. The audience gets rewards when they watch the ads displayed in games and mobile apps. Some watch the ads willingly as they want the game items but some find those annoying. However, in-game advertising is a potent tool to achieve better brand awareness than competitors. 

Ads Targeting Ways

To reach  Interactive Advertising Ads to the target audience, we need to collect consumer data and keep it in a software platform called  Data Management Platform(DMP). A good Data Management Platform usually collects

  1. Location
  2. Website Content Used
  3. Data Consumption
  4. Travel Status
  5. ISP Use
  6. Device
  7. Site Visits

By using the data collected in the Data Management Platform, we display respective advertisements through the Demand Side Platform(DSP) connected with websites. 

If you have questions about which Interactive Media Ads would be the most suitable for your business, the amount of budget you should spend for the ads and the best strategies to advertise your brand, you can just reach out to the Next Sale Team. 

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